Premieur – packaging design for an exclusive range in Netto

When updating the Premieur design the aim was to create better differentiation, increase the experience of quality and enhance the product focus – e.g. with storytelling about the origin of the product through photos, placeholders and claims.


Salling Group


Designing an exclusive private label range for Netto (DK, UK, DE, SE, PL)


Packaging design, design manual

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A recognizable design across different types of packaging

Fresh, frozen and dry groceries, tiny, big, round and square labels and boxes in all shapes and sizes – it takes quite a lot of work to make design and printing techniques work together across all this and end up with a coherent and exclusive look. We made it happen by working with simple elements and guidelines to make a strong range that works both when product stand alone and together.

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Mark Lyngaa Wegeberg

Mark L. Wegeberg,
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