Who are we?

We have been around since 1991 and from the very beginning our hearts have beaten for creating sublime, creative and strategic solutions for our customers. We always strive to be among the very best and because of this we have continuously reassessed our raison d’être throughout the lifetime of the agency. In 2008 this became the starting point of our current strategy; going all in on packaging design and product identities. Working with packaging design is a complex area since consumers are moving fast and legislation and rules are abundant. That demands expert knowledge and lots of experience – and we are proud to have just that.

Without a goal you can not score

We do not want to be creative for the sake of creativity or to win silver chickens and gilded banana palms to polish off our own image. We want to be creative for the sake of the result, to break the habitual way of thinking and develop creative designs that make our customers’ products stand out from the crowd. Investing in our work needs to result in an optimal return for our customers – we have not reached our goal until our customers have reached theirs.

Jose Sergio Cameleon Rodriguez

José Sergio Cameleon Rodríguez

Our Spanish chameleon – made from reused packaging naturally. It was created by the artist Sergio Montero and has traveled 3.500 km from Malaga to our office.