Who we are

We are Cameleon Creatives and we share a burning passion for designing meaningful product packaging and identities for food and other FMCG brands.

As one of Denmark’s most specialized agencies in our field, we know the consumers of today. Understand their considerations and choices. Know that they are picky, demanding and difficult to get. And that this is exactly why we love them so much. Love that they keep us sharp and force us to think to the edge every single day. To think differently. Challenge the conformist. Ensure that our creativity and design arouse emotions, curiosity and desire. That every single solution endows the customer’s product with a unique voice, makes it stand out on the physical or digital shelves and win its place in the spotlight. Where attention turns into appetite, where appetite turns into buying – and where buying turns into strong market positions.

Our ambitions are sky-high, for ourselves and for our customers. That’s why we constantly strive to perfect our processes, our insights, our vision and our value. Incidentally, we don’t measure the latter in hours and minutes; we measure it in effect.

As thought leaders, we meet our customers with several hats: The wise one. The creative one. The far-sighted one. And the challenger’s hat. Because we consider it our mission to push on. To make each customer keep ahead and keep moving.

Every single thought and action is firmly rooted in our unique culture, “Karma Cameleon”. We are therefore unshakable in our commitment to teamwork, dedication, boldness, courage, curiosity and careful professionalism. Right down to the last detail. Just as we believe that our sense of humor and our down-to-earth attitude make it both easy and nice to be our customer.

We are Cameleon Creatives – and we make creative packaging design matter. More.

Jose Sergio Cameleon Rodriguez

José Sergio Cameleon Rodríguez

Our Spanish chameleon – made from reused packaging naturally. It was created by the artist Sergio Montero and has traveled 3.500 km from Malaga to our office.