We are a graphic design agency and have competences within packaging design, visual identities and strategy.


The packaging design wrapped around your product can be and often is crucial in terms of sales. Design is used to communicate and lead customers into a purchase and has a very large impact on the customers’ buying process. That is why a design must be more than just pretty – it must be deliberate and in line with your brand.


In the food industry, just like anywhere else, it is essential for brands to have a visual identity that consumers recognize quickly. In stores customers use less than 5 seconds “scanning” a shelf and picking the product they want to bring home.


Making print-ready artwork requires discipline, efficiency and experience. There are many rules to be followed and you must take into account both die cuts, a range of printing technologies and cost optimization. There is a lot to keep track of and pitfalls to avoid but because of our many years of experience, we are fully equipped to take on any artworking task.


We keep up to date on trends to understand consumers and their behavior, figure out the right way to communicate and to follow the development in the market. This secures that we are always well prepared for creating the best possible packaging design.


A brandbook is a great strategic tool that can be used to unify a company by helping to implement identity and brand values across the whole business. The point is to make sure that everyone in the company fully understands and “lives” the brand.


We regularly participate as speakers at various events organized by e.g. PEJ-gruppen among others. It is a way for us to always keep ourselves updated which we believe to be essential when designing for a target audience.


When it comes to packaging design or visual identities (especially in the food industry) it is no doubt an advantage choosing a design agency that is specialized in this specific area. We have the experience to avoid errors and advice you to the best solutions.

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